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Instruction Sets for Strangers

Experiment | Oct 2013

#WeJustMet explored interface as a connector between people in socially mobile environments, and in the process aims to understand how people interact with one another.


Billy Ryu Art Direction, Video shooting & editing
Kayla Arias Social Network Research, Design
Alec Dawson UX

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Thinking of the Human Interaction

In collaboration with Kayla Arias and Alec Dawson, #WeJustMet project was held at the Highline Park in New York City. The goal of #WeJustMet was to promote interaction between strangers and connect human beings to social media. So we came up with an idea of hashtag(#) and found that most people took pictures with their smartphone. We also thought that it could be cool if visitors had experiment with polaroid frame. This is why we choose polaroid camera and photo frame as materials for user testing.

The Instructions

1. Find a stranger.
2. Introduce yourself.
3. Grab a camera.
4. Take a picture together.
5. Post it here!

#WeJustMet Instructions


Visitors stopped at the frame to take a picture, and crowed effect helped encourage participation. People didn’t always follow specific rules, but they followed other people. Each strangers called other people to take a picture together even though they hadn’t known each other, and introduced themselves to others.

The message behind #WeJustMet was stronger than the original Polaroid pose – it was actually used.

#WeJustMet 1
#WeJustMet 2
#WeJustMet 3
#WeJustMet 4
#WeJustMet 5
#WeJustMet on Instagram
#WeJustMet on Instagram

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