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Performance Wellness

Life is a song. Perform it well.

Web | May 2014

Performance Wellness, Inc. (PW) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to meeting the mind-body health needs of performers and professionals from all walks of life. By integrating techniques of neuropsychology and music therapy, PW uses music and sound to bypass the limitations of the rational, conscious mind to manifest healing, mastery, and joy in performance.


Billy Ryu  Front-End Development
Sean Steele   Marketing Strategy


Louise Montello  Founder of the Performance Wellness

Strengthen Brand Equality by Renovating a Website

Louise Montello, the Founder of the Performance Wellness (PW), asked me to renovate her old PW website. Former PW website was generated a decade ago, and it had too many problems to be fixed. The old website supported no other web browsers than IE6 as well as its UI design never compiled with the Web Standards.

Dr. Montello wanted me to catch two goals—Renovating website and attract more members. To solve these problems, Sean Steele and I worked together and created SEO (Search-Engine Optimization) friendly UI design. The new PW website was coded with WordPress for easier member/content management and new member attraction with SEO boost.

Device Mockup

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