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Everland Panda World

Be familiar with pandas in a digital environment

Retail | Apr 2016

Everland, the most largest theme park in Korea, imported two giant pandas from China and was under construction of panda's zoo. In this place, we adopted digital solutions to add the depth of experience while seeing/knowing pandas.


Samsung C&T


Project Management, UX Strategy


Cheil Jayhyun Yoo, Jinyoung Seo, Hyungmok Baek

The only place to see Pandas in Korea

China agreed to send pandas to South Korea for joint research in 2014, and two pandas were imported to Yong-in Everland in 2016. Everland wanted to build a space where pandas live and sleep as well as visitors face pandas and see their lives. With high digital technology of Samsung, Eveland needed to promote Panda World and we focused on create digital solutions for pandas.

Visitor Journey

To build our digital solution, we needed to see how Panda World looked like on its launching. We expected visitors journey in Panda World space, and decided to make digital solutions on the path. Every solutions depends on location because visitors' goal and behavior change by location.

Panda World

Be familiar with Pandas

Bunches of digital solutions—Kiosk, Mobile app with iBeacon, AR, Signage, 4K video—awaits visitors. Not just taking a look and go, but visitors will receive a sense of immersion through digital technology so that they can be more familiar with pandas.

Panda World Mobile App

Visitors can also find out more information on Panda World mobile app. This app provides a bunch of information of panda which is useful to know and be familiar with pandas.

Available on App Store and Google Play.

Games and Augmented Reality

Some games with panda characters are included in Panda World mobile app, such as Talking Panda, Find Pandas, and three other games.

Augmented Reality is also adopted on the app. With this technology, users can put a panda mask on their face or take a photo with 3D AR panda by scanning a AR marker in Panda World space.

Panda World

Panda World

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