53 Pencil Gold

Remix the Pencil Template

Illustration | Jan 2015

FiftyThree announced the Pencil Gold—one of famous stylus pens for tablet and specialized for 53 Paper app—and the FiftyThree team promoted Pencil Gold Giveaway event. Since I participated the project as an artist, I created and served the original template which was remixed by 53 Paper users.


Billy Ryu  Art Direction


Introducing Pencil Gold  FiftyThree Blog

Remix and Get a Golden Pencil

Working with FiftyThree, I illustrated a template of Pencil made by FiftyThree for giveaway event. To promote its new product, FiftyThree announced the event to their users could participate. Everyone else could remix a template and shared it to FiftyThree Mix community. FiftyThree picked the best 10 remixed illustrations and gave them a free Pencil Gold.

There were more than 5,100 remixes and brilliant ideas were shared on the FiftyThree community.

Device Mockup
Device Mockup
Device Mockup

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